Will Write for Money


For the past few years, I’ve made a “living” writing copy for trailers and TV commercials advertising movies, television and video games.  If you’d like to see some of my work, my website is here.

If you know someone in need of some stellar copy, please send them my way.  But I’m not a proud man.  I’ll write anything for a payday (and, yes, I’m referring to both cash and the candy bar).  Need someone to fill out the bottom part of your greeting card?  Looking for that perfect, personalized limerick?  Unhappy with the contents of your fortune cookie?  I’ll write you up somethin’ really purty.

If it can be written, I can write it.  My contact info is on my website and I’m available 23-7 (come on, I have to sleep for at least one hour).  I may use all of the letters you already know…I may arrange them into words you’ve seen before…but it’s all about the order…I’ll put those words in the order that best serves your purposes.  Give me a try.

I write good.

  1. David Cole says:

    I searched IMDB for “Makya McBee” and got instead “Maya the Bee” …

  2. Laura4NYC says:

    Wow, your Web site looks great so far! Very interesting releases and jobs you have worked on, how long did it take you to become the prositute of the entertainment business? Or were you simply working for the right people at the right time, you know, that sort of thing? Congrats, can’t wait to see more.

    • Makya McBee says:

      David – No, I haven’t made IMDB yet…but there’s always hope.

      Laura – I didn’t have any connections, it took years of writing free samples and blindly sending them to people until a few were willing to give me a shot. And still the work is sporadic. Persistence is the only solution I’ve found to getting into the entertainment industry in any way. But, yes, the work is very interesting – glad you like the site.

      • Laura4NYC says:

        Well, that is even more a reason to admire your work. Oh, and I meant “prostitute” not “prositute.” I am at the same point you were back then, just getting out those free samples until something hits in. Unfortunately, my time is limited, as Europe is awaiting my comeback…
        Cheers again!

  3. David Cole says:

    I agree. It is an attractive site.

  4. swaginator says:

    very nice site, good stuff

    but: “i write good”?

    • Makya McBee says:

      Yes. It’s actually a joke. The humor can be found in the discrepancy between the claim of being able to write well and the way in which the claim is written, which directly contradicts said clame. I thought about prefacing all of my attempts at humor with, “Knock, knock,” but that got tiresome.

  5. swaginator 3000 says:

    well i would recommend fixing it because certain people may not be able to decode the humor.
    it’s ultimately up to you, i personally find it funny, anyway

  6. swaginator 3000 says:

    oh btw… are you serious about the candy bar payment? because i can definitely work something out… i have certain “contacts” that can acquire these “candy bars” you’re looking for. *nudge* *nudge* but seriously, you’re serious?

    • Makya McBee says:

      Yes. I’m serious about everything. There are no unserious things to be found here.

      I do like how you pick up a conversation, seamlessly, two months later…must be very strange speaking with you in person.

      You talk good.

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