Top Ten Letters of the Alphabet

Posted: May 21, 2012 in Language
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Here’s the deal. It’s been months since I’ve had a list on my blog and everyone in the world wants me to create a new one. And who am I to deny everyone in the world their wishes?

I’ve already addressed the issue of the worst letter of the alphabet, and I’ve previously listed the best numbers, one through ten, so it’s time for what none are calling the most important issue of our time – listing the best letters of the alphabet. You won’t find the pretentious a here, the overly pointy v is not in the top ten, and if you’re looking for the codependent q and u, keep moving, there’s nothing to see here. But if debating the ABC’s of letter merits every night keeps you from catching your z’s, read on. (Fun Tip of the Day: You can play along at home, just make your own list before reading mine and then see how they compare…granted, I throw the word “fun” around pretty loosely).

The Top Ten Letters of the Alphabet

11. PP has energy. P has pop. And pursing your lips to produce a pup or a peep is positively pleasant.

10. R – Who doesn’t enjoy the way it rolls and rumbles? And, more importantly, without it we could never make cool pirates sounds.

9. LL is a gentle letter. And what would our world be like without this helpful little fellow? Just think of it, lawful people become awful people. Or, rather, awfu people. See, the world wouldn’t even make sense without l. (On top of which, the world would be just a word)

8. H – The softest consonant, h is literally a breath of fresh air. Plus, in word form, it has the best spelling of all the letters – aitch.


Colorful language

7. YY could be rated higher if it were willing to choose between being a vowel or a consonant. Honestly, I’m torn between considering it to be dynamic and wishy-washy.

6. O – Why is this a great letter? Seriously? I have to do all the work? I have to come up with the unique lists. I have to write the blog. I have to explain everything. Not anymore. You’re on your own. You tell me why it’s such a great letter. I’m sorry. That wasn’t meant for you. It’s just been a tough week. Really, it’s not you, it’s me. I hate it when we fight.

5. Z – It’s just fun to make z sounds. Buzz. Razzamatazz. Zizzing down the zazzerton. (What? There aren’t that many z words).

4. E – This vowel is the most commonly used letter in the alphabet, and with great power, comes great Esponsibility. E has the power to make a fad fade. It can make a fin fine. And help a cop cope. And what made mad made? E.

3. X – An exciting, exhilarating, exceptional letter. Whether it’s denoting adult films, labeling jugs of hooch, or marking the spot on a treasure map, x always brings a sense of mystery and the allure of the forbidden.

2. M – Am I biased because my initials are MM? You better believe it. Then again, what sound do we make whenever we’re really enjoying something? Mmmmmmmm.

1. S – You can tell a lot about a letter when it’s put into a position of leadership, and most consonants prefer to be followed by subservient vowels when heading up words. But s plays well with others, blending with more consonants than any other letter to create new and improved sounds. Plus, without this letter we couldn’t have more of anything. S turns cake into cakes, cookie into cookies, and candy bar into candy bars…okay, it might be time to consider another diet. Still, s has a super, serpentine shape and, with its superior sound, it sits supreme.

  1. speaker7 says:

    You are right on about P. I like P because it sounds like I’m saying “pee” and then I can say I’m not saying pee I’m saying P…P and then I just said pee-pee. I live a very fulfilling life.

  2. heathersnyder1 says:

    I love the letter H…not just because it’s the first letter of my name, but because I love saying haberdashery and henceforth all the time.

  3. heathersnyder1 says:

    Oh and I love P for Peeps-marshmallowy, sugary goodness in chick form. Also, S for S’mores…which you can make out of Peeps.

  4. AC Lundin says:

    Just gotta dig your top tens 🙂

  5. “O” is a GREAT letter. Without “O” we could not poop. Go a week without poop and see how sad we would all be.

    • Makya McBee says:

      Speaker – You and Cliche are so potty-mouthed today.

      Heather – Haberdashery is a good thing to say…just not all the time.

      AC – I so enjoy being dug.

      Cliche – Yes, you and Speaker would be very sad.

  6. Kauthar says:

    Why isn’t the letter K there my little sister Layla she’s lucky she’s got L in there but anyway doesn’t matter I like your website! 👍🏻🌹

    • Makya McBee says:

      Kauthar – I know everyone is fond of the letters in their initials, but please be assured that a panel of expert judges have determined that L is indeed a better letter than K. I very much appreciate you supporting my blog in spite of this fact.

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