The BEST Online Contest in the World!

Posted: April 10, 2012 in Food
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Here’s the deal. It’s finally time for my long-anticipated second in my number-to-be-determined part series, “Makya McBee Changes the Focus of His Blog to Expose More People to His Blog and Save the World.” Part 2 – Contests.

As you’re likely already aware, there are thousands of online contests and hundreds of sites dedicated to listing these contests. But who has the time to look through all these lists of contests? (Rhetorical – no need to send me the names of people in your life who have the time to go through contest lists…but who would have the time to write down all those names?) So we (i.e. me) here at Makya McBee Approves have simplified things for you. There’s really only one contest worth entering…

I took this picture. Grilled cheese sandwich w...

The Grilled Cheese Academy’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe Contest.

Who hasn’t dreamt of gracing the storied halls of the Grilled Cheese Academy? (Probably the same people who have the time to check out all those contests). Since the seventeenth century Camembert Renaissance, young dairy aficionados have strove, striven and strived to become an honorary member of the Academy, matching wits with other Edam experts and studying the sacred Havarti Texts.

As those ancient, heavy, oaken doors swing open and your eyes fall on the famous Academy plaque, “Brie all that you can Brie,” you’ll know that you’ve arrived. Quite simply, there is no better institution of higher learning and cheese appreciation in the world. (Partly due to the fact that there is no other institution of higher learning and cheese appreciation in the world).

And now, you too can be a part of the magic by submitting your very own grilled cheese recipe. (Spoiler alert: my recipe involves two slices of bread, a generous dab of butter, some cheese, and a hot skillet). So, if you’d like to win a trip to New York, some cheese and some cheddar ($500) – here’s the link. Remember, where there’s a will, there’s a whey.

  1. sj says:

    I…can not believe this is a real thing.

  2. speaker7 says:

    “Brie all that you can brie” — you better trademark that before it’s co-opted as the Grilled Cheese Academy’s motto.

  3. There is always a whey.

  4. heathersnyder1 says:

    This blog post is very Gouda! Sorry, not trying to be cheesy. And, I could totally go for that tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich right now. My all time favorite.
    When I lived up in Vermont of course I had to make a pilgrimage to the holey (Swiss) cheese land…Cabot. It’s awesome!!!
    Forget about signing up for the contest…how can I become a judge for The Grilled Cheese Academy’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe Contest?

    • Makya McBee says:

      sj – If being real is wrong, this contest doesn’t want to be right.

      speaker – They can have it. I’ve got plenty o’ mottos.

      Cliche – I don’t know if you’re simply repeating my pun to (a) congratulate me on my cleverness or (b) ridicule me. Either whey, I appreciate your comments.

      Heather – Believe me, if I knew how to be a judge for that contest, I wouldn’t be here keeping up on my blog.

      • heathersnyder1 says:

        If I could be the judge, all the grilled cheese sandwiches could be mine…all mine…no one can stop me now!

  5. Lokyra Stone says:

    Excuse me. I need to go make some grilled cheese sammiches and tomato soup.

    • Makya McBee says:

      Heather – Even the most important meal of the day isn’t this important.

      B.C. – No. Thank you for asking (as opposed to just sharing your illness without first querying).

      Speaker – I came. I saw. I shared.

      Lokyra – You are excused.

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