The Top Ten Places to Sit

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Lists
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Here’s the deal.  I have so many award winning lists (“award” is such a subjective word) to share with the world that I’m diving back into my award winning series (see above parenthesis) with today’s special Monday edition, Makya McBee Vs. Other People’s Lists – Volume 2.  I know what you’re thinking, “Did you not notice the dearth of comments from your last list?  There was no debate.  No one cares about your silly lists.”  To which I respond…firstly…words hurt.  Didn’t your parents ever tell you that words hurt?  Granted, they don’t hurt as much as, say, an ice pick.  But still.  And, secondly, who uses words like “dearth”?

Besides, that list was fairly mundane.  A list of movies.  Every blog has a list of movies.  But I’ve got some far more interesting lists in store.  Real conversation starters.  Like, for example, the top ten places to sit.  Who hasn’t pondered over this topic for hours?  Wait, I know what you’re thinking, is it…“Why are you always trying to guess what I’m thinking?  You never get it right.”  I thought so.  Anyway, without further ado and/or dearth…

The Top Ten Places to Sit

A canoe - beached on an island in Kejimkujik L...

This is a picture of a canoe

11. Swing  (Swing sets are great places to make decisions and perfect for feeling like you’re going somewhere while you’re not…but they aren’t good long term resting places and are more novelty than truly good places to sit)

10. Canoe  (The unique rocking motion you get with a canoe – assuming it’s in the water, and why else would you be sitting in a canoe, weirdo? – is great, if only the seat itself were actually comfortable, this would have been higher up the list)

9. Lap  (The romantic in you might want to put this one at the top, but come on, if you’re not a kid how long is this really fun?)

8. Car  (We take this one for granted, but it’s kind of awesome…we’re sitting down at sixty miles per hour)   

7. Ski Lift  (How often do you get to admire a view as you dangle your feet twenty feet over the fresh powder below?  I don’t know how to ski, but I sure enjoy a nice ski lift)

6. Toilet  (I’m not going to make a ridiculous pun here and say that this one should be #2 – let’s just be adults about this and admit that sitting here usually comes with some amount of relief.  Plus there’s the personal space.  It’s really a pretty nice place to sit when you think about it – they don’t call it a throne for nothing)

5. Couch  (Just because we’ve become accustomed to it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take a moment to recognize the importance of the simple couch.  Without it we’d have to stand when we watch TV…or sit on the floor like animals…or go outside and exercise…yikes, I shudder at the thought)

4. Jacuzzi  (This is a tricky one.  Jacuzzis always seem like they’re going to be more fun than they actually are.  The idea of a Jacuzzi is wonderful.  Getting into the Jacuzzi is pretty special.  Five minutes later…you’re just cooking and pruning and wondering how long you should stay.  Still, the allure keeps this one high on the list)

3. Tree  (Not just any tree, mind you.  Any random branch is no better than a canoe.  But if you find that special nook it’s like a discovered seat.  A seat that nature tried to hide.  When you combine treasure hunt with cozy rump roost – that’s not too shabby)

2. Arm chair  (A large, luxurious arm chair offers you all of the comfort of a couch with all of the not having to sit next to other people of an arm chair)

1. Office chair  (Maybe you won’t agree, but to me, this is the best place to sit.  It’s comfortable.  I can spin around in circles.  And it’s where I sit when I write my lists.  Can’t beat it, baby)

So, what do you think?  Did I overlook your favorite place to sit?  Feel free to utilize the comments section to join the discussion and let me know which of my seating choices didn’t sit well with you.

  1. Tom says:

    Rocking chair, back deck, watching the sun set with my wife and my dog, adult beverage at hand.

  2. Lokyra Stone says:

    Lap sitting is great, for about five to ten minutes.
    Swings sets are awesome. You get to sit, while viewing the world from constantly changing angles. Plus, if you are daring, or inebriated, you can try to jump off like you did as a kid.
    We have a dearth of proper climbing trees for adults around here.

    One of my top ten would be sitting in a saddle on a horse. That’s like… extreme sitting. Or maybe X-streme Sitting.

  3. #4 says:

    When you’re working hard and need a break, a tailgate is a handy place to park your posterior; although there is a dearth of cushion.

  4. Laura4NYC says:

    The only ones I like is 11, 6, and 5. (11! Pah! how about feeling less special about yourself and sticking to the actual TEN!). The rest is gibberish. A Jacuzzi will make your skin raw when you’re in it for too long. Car seats make your butt go numb. Office Chairs are depressing. Arm chairs?? mhmmm

    • Makya McBee says:

      Tom – Very specific. Rocking chairs are like swings for old people. The motion is appealing, but we’re still not getting anywhere – plus there’s the added danger of rocking over the dog’s tail. (I’ll add it to the list at spot #12).

      Lokyra – Long time no comment, lovely to see you again. “Extreme” and “sitting” – two words that I think were never meant to go together. I don’t want my sitting to come with a sense of danger – but I’m with you in terms of your other thoughts.

      #4 – Yeah, tailgate is sort of a last resort. I don’t know why they call it tailgating, the tailgate isn’t particularly festive.

      Laura – Office chairs are depressing? I think you’re drawing a connection between office chairs and offices and, clearly, you’ve never sat in an inspirational office chair as I have. And what’s with only liking three of the top eleven (and, of course, my top ten goes to eleven, I’m awesome like that) – do you just stand all day? This is all very disconcerting.

      • Lokyra Stone says:

        Thank you! It’s lovely to be back. Being a farm girl got in the way of my internets.
        I love pairing unexpected concepts. It keeps things interesting, and provokes thought. And sometimes insults and craziness.

        Additionally, most sitting has little risk and danger. It’s fun to mix it up every once in awhile. Give the sitting concept a turn at being fun and risky. Sitting feels left out sometimes.

      • Makya McBee says:

        Speaking of unexpected pairs – farm girl and internets? What’s next, a hoe down modem? And, trust me, I’m very familiar with sitting, we’ve spoken about this very topic on many occasions and sitting is perfectly content being safe.

  5. Outlier Babe says:

    Wicker chair, with cushions, feet up, out on the dock, good book, watchin’ the turtles and herons, the palms, listening to the pool gurgle, maybe a little Brie melting in the sun on some apple slices…

    Hmm–gotta go.

  6. Outlier Babe says:

    A crushing blow from a guy who puts a warm piece of OFFICE FURNITURE in the number 1 slot. I hear a lot of IBM employees sit on that stuff, before they rebel for the freedom of bow-ties and chairs that are made for humans. No offense or judgement intended, hideous-chair-liking man.

  7. Outlier Babe says:

    Oh, ouch and friggin’ touche, since you write rings around me. (“Guess I should go shopping for a hideous office chair,” she said, mumbling, her mouth crammed full of humble pie.)

  8. turtleagle says:

    I’m a little behind the times (it aint easy relying on all the pulleys and levers just to get on the ol’ internet), but I love this post! I don’t know where my favorite place to sit is(a good porch swing would have been a nice addition, though), but I think the best part is that there are so many great options, for so many different reasons. I was especially happy to see #3, i knew you still had some of your swisfamroesque roots in ya!

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