Here’s the deal.  It seems like just yesterday this blog was 164 days old…and here we are, one day later, celebrating our 165th day.  That’s right boys and girls, it’s update time again.  (For those of you who joined after I was Freshly Pressed, I do 39 Day Updates every 39 to 44 days to keep track of everything that’s been versused and how we’re changing the world…you know what, I was tempted to do a versus being freshly pressed.  That really spoils you.  For that one day, thousands of people from all over the world were checking in – it’s the Oprah Book Club Selection of the blogging world.  And, as intoxicating as that exposure is, the drastic return to reality the following day is jolting.  WordPress should offer some sort of detox and rehab program…having that many readers is addictive and, as it is, you have to go cold turkey.)

Sorry, sometimes my parentheticals take on a life of their own.

Detail of Chinese Lion Dance Costume. Photo ta...

Funky Lion Dance

Speaking of pressing of the fresh variety, I recently addressed the discouraging lack of holidays in August.  Of course, this merely served to highlight my jingoistic tendencies.  It seems there are plenty of Augustian holidays – in countries that don’t rhyme with moonited plates of abearica.  This article, for example, describes the August Moon Festival – which draws huge crowds in Boston.  But I can’t be driving to Boston every time they celebrate the end of the harvest season with Chinese dragon and lion dances, food, activities, and storytellers…it’s just not practical.  We still need our own national holiday in August.  

We are, however, successful on some fronts.  Regarding cutting in line, our cause has found a celebrity advocate.  You can read here how Sarah Jessica Parker recently proclaimed that despite the opportunities her fame affords, she will not cut in line.  I think that almost makes up for Sex and the City 2.

As this is, essentially, my six month update, I’ve decided to go to the Wayback Machine…one of my earliest posts was versus the phrase, “It is what it is.”  But this week, an athletic athlete took it to a whole new level when he said, “I think it’s just one of those things and it is what it is.”  Wow.  Two great ways of saying nothing.  It’s difficult to be repetitive and still make no point, but he pulled it off.  (Full story here).

Many months ago I also took on the alarming number of flavors that Mountain Dew keeps producing.  I imagine their R&D department, up all night drinking their own heavily-caffeinated product and shouting out possible new flavors, “Strawberry Smash!” “Teenage Eruption!” “Overtly Orange Outbreak!”  Well, this article shows that a Michigan family has done them one better.  They make Mountain Dew jelly.  Fantastic.  The Dew didn’t have enough liquid flavors, so it’s going solid.  What’s next?  Mountain Dew fried chicken?  Mountain Dew pickles?  Mountain Dew Jerky?  Will they make a gaseous form of Mountain Dew so we can just inhale it directly?  This flavor juggernaut must be stopped.

And who can forget my classic rant against flip flops?  (That is, by the way, a rhetorical question…I don’t really want to hear back from everyone who did, in fact, forget it).  Well, here’s an article about a new pair of flip flops that will set you back $18,000.  That’s nine thousand dollars for the flip and another nine thousand dollars for the flop.  Hey, I’m all for empathy.  And I will walk a mile in another man’s shoes…unless they’re eighteen thousand dollar flip flops.

I do have some more good news.  We took on CAPTCHA and the world is listening.  A new company called AYAH (Are You a Human?) is raising money and trying to replace the often illegible CAPTCHA images with “extremely simple but dynamic puzzle games that any human could solve in a matter of seconds.”  I like this.  I’ve often been described as “simple but dynamic” myself, and I like the idea of solving a fun little puzzle to prove that I’m human as opposed to trying to read scrawled gibberish.  I, for one, am pro-AYAH (and not only because it appears to sort of rhyme with my first name).

For those of you who recall my troubles building a website…let me just say that the process was about four hundred and thirty-two times more difficult than I would have imagined, but I finally finished.  I’ve added a new page at the top of this blog with a link to the website just in case you’ve always been curious about what exactly a freelance trailer copywriter does.  And, honestly, who hasn’t wondered about that?

My thanks once again to everyone who reads, comments and shares this blog.  I’m pleased as punch (assuming, of course, a particularly jovial punch) to have you.  Onward and upward.  (And, occasionally, just a little bit sideways).

  1. Dan Quiterio says:

    Hear hear, about the Freshly Pressed comment! 🙂

    Also, I hate the word “flip-flops.” But, you know, it is what it is …

  2. Jackie says:

    Definitely agree on the FP rehab. That’s a harsh reality indeed.

    I just love your way with words – such a fan of your blog. Thanks for keeping it up!

  3. Lokyra Stone says:

    My favourite CAPTCHA alternative. Kittens.

    As far as the August holiday thing goes, all we need is your goat cheese, peridot, and music song, and we’re ready for Month of August Music Day. Or whatever we decide to call it.

    On behalf of all Michiganders (Michigan needs a less awkward citizen reference), I apologize for mountain dew jelly. We were unaware of the problem. We will rectify this fairly quickly now that we have been informed of it.

    It is what it is and it’s just one of those things have only one possible response that can hope to equal their ridiculousness. “You’ll have that.”

  4. Queen Linda says:

    I don’t know if I found you through FP, but you can count me among your faithful subscribers. No wrongs, just writes. Enjoying your writing.

  5. angelina says:

    I look forward to your blogs! Trust me they are way better than any oprah whatever shes pushin at the time feel good about yourself book club! There is no comparison. Hands down you are the best! I bet she invented flip flops and mountain dew as part of her world wide mind control but that is just my opinion

    • Makya McBee says:

      Dan – Flip flops sound bad, look bad, feel bad – plus I can’t decide whether or not to hypenate them…much more trouble than they’re worth.

      Jackie – Thank you. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who became a temporary addict of being Freshly Pressed…Hello, my name is Makya McBee…and I….I have been Freshly Pressed…

      Lokyra – Kittens tend to be a good substitute for most things (not everything…people would likely oppose them as an alternative energy source) and I thank you for your state-wide apology – it’s good to know you’re not shirking from your responisbilites as a Michigandanderite.

      Linda – Thanks. I can tell from your profile picture that you are 100% sane and I am always pleased to have some royalty class up the place.

      Angelina – I don’t currently have any beef with Oprah (get it? because she had that scuffle with the beef people, like fourteen years ago? right? yeah? huh?), but I’m always glad to hear that someone is looking forward to anything I do.

  6. Lokyra Stone says:

    Kittens also make horrible bookends. Not a whole lot of bulk to them, so they won’t hold up the larger books. And they rarely stay still long enough to be truly effective.

    A friend from California suggested renaming Michigan to Michilandia. Michilandians. Sounds like some bizarre undiscovered tribe in the Appalachian mountains. Michigandanderites sounds like the entire state has a dander problem.

    The Michigan militia and Defense of Michigan’s Honour have both sent teams out in search of the nefarious Mountain Dew Jelly. I expect to hear of their success in eliminating the threat at any moment.

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