Vs. The Lack of Holidays in August

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Holidays
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Here’s the deal.  There are ten federal holidays.  These are the big ones, when most Americans get a day off of work, and they’re spread out over eight months (January and November are holiday hogs, taking two each).  Months without a federal holiday still get a minor holiday.  March has St. Patrick’s Day.  April has Easter.  June has Father’s Day.  And August has…nothing. 

That’s right, today we embark on a month without holidays.  And it’s just not fair.

It’s a long month too.  Thirty-one days.  Thirty-one long, sweltering, holiday-free days. 

February, the shortest month, has Groundhog Day, President’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and my birthday.  There’s barely time to recover from one party before getting the next one started – how do you think that makes August feel?  (Bad…that’s how it makes August feel…bad).

Sure, you can do a Google search and find piles of unknown, strange holidays in August.  Every month has a bunch of these crazy, fictional holidays.  But they’re like men’s nipples – nobody knows why they’re here, where they come from or what to do with them.

And even the ridiculous holidays in August are nothing to write home about.  August is, for example, National Goat Cheese Month.  Oh, goody.  Gather around the hearth, kids, it’s time to celebrate Goat Cheese Month with…goat cheese…hooray?

Thomas Edison and his early phonograph. Croppe...

Thomas Edison, thrilled about inventing this phonograph

And why shouldn’t August get a good holiday?  August is a wonderful month.  Let me share with you some fascinating facts about the eighth month.  (1) Did you know that the birthstone for August is peridot?  Wait, that can’t be right.  What the hell is peridot?  Is that even a word?  Okay, I stand corrected…there are no fascinating facts about August.  And that’s all the more reason it needs a holiday.  If there is any month that needs a break from itself, it’s August.  This is August first, and I’m already getting tired of it.  Imagine how we’ll feel in a couple of weeks.    

So, how am I going to do it?   How will I give August a holiday?  Never fear, I did some research and found a trend.  On August 1st, 1981, MTV debuted.  On August 5th, 1985, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was established.  On August 12th, 1877, Thomas Edison invented sound recording.  Woodstock took place from August 15th – 17th in 1967.  The first licensed radio broadcast was August 20th, 1920.  On August 22nd, 1906, the record player was patented.  You see where I’m going with this?  Of course, August should have a holiday celebrating Bolivian equestrians…or, even better, music.  Yeah, Music Day – the second Monday in August.  If everyone gets on board, we could get this thing passed by Congress (they don’t seem to be too busy) before the month is over.  We can celebrate with concerts in the park, recitals, and excessive humming.  I can’t wait.

It’s either this or Peridot Day.  Seriously, is that a real thing?

  1. angelina says:

    There is one holliday i look forward to every august….kids go back to school thats reason enough to celebrate! Young wippersnappers in their long hair and baggy clothes and their rock-n-roll music

    • YYEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!! It’s so quiet that day. Gives you time to meditate and give thanks for another nine months of wonderful, quiet shopping during the weekdays. It is really harrowing trying to navigate senior citizens AND kids-run-amuck on Tuesdays to get your senior discount!

    • Jaret Lynch says:

      haha, one of my co workers today has a young daughter and she is extremely happy that she is going back to school soon! It must be a chore during the summer months for parents.

    • vbrekkidd80 says:

      Yes that is the holiday, get your kids behinds back to school that should be a holiday for parents, kid’s have christmas and couples have Valentine’s, parents need a return to school holiday! They can do parades and plan bus routes that gets them quickly back out of the house and back to learning! Face painting and the rides can be academic stations like math bingo or dodgeball fun things of the sort! The carnival fare can be the managers special surprise meat platter on a stick!

  2. Lisa Worthington says:

    I’ve always reveled in the fact that MY birthday is in August (which helps relieve me of its holiday-free status). Since your birthday is in February, you have the privilege of celebrating your HALF-birthday in August. And finally, for millions of students across the U.S. August is relegated to official back-to-school month (if you’d like to count that as a holiday).

  3. Anyway, Makya, when DuPont was in our nearest town (remember DuPont that is no longer there anymore!!!) they would take two of Februrary’s holidays and move them to June and August. That gave a 3-day weekend each summer month. You might have to make a trip to Washington to suggest that. When they get over arguing about the debt that they are making constantly!

  4. Princess says:

    Absolutely, I would love the music day in August!

  5. Goat cheese month! Well that’s something.

  6. Personally I think we pick an arbitrary day and celebrate the goat cheese thing. I mean, EVERYTHING is better with cheese, right?

    Happy August to you — may you celebrate the month of no celebrations with copious made-up celebrations!


    • Makya McBee says:

      Angelina – Look, I know it’s only rock and roll…but I like it…yes, I do

      Lisa – I see no reason why my half birthday shouldn’t be a federal holiday – contact your local congressperson immediately

      Elizabeth – The idea of moving holidays about isn’t bad – maybe we could rotate them all the time – it would keep people guessing and bring back demand for the failing calendar industry – when you don’t know if Christmas will be in December or August, you’d be more inclined to buy one…interesting

      Princess – For you, then, we’ll do it. I’m pleased to have a royal in my corner.

      Country Man’s Wife – And what says the country man? Is he too busy milking the goats?

      Mikalee – And a very happy August to you, person with a name that is almost, or perhaps more, unusual than my own.

  7. sportsjim81 says:

    Love this! There is absolutely no good reason not to give August a holiday. If we keep neglecting August, it may grow up to be a raging psychopath with revenge in its heart…and that’s not good for anyone, especially January and November (the golden months).

  8. eweket says:

    it is a fasting month for Muslim brothers. It is an interesting blog post though. I even liked the comparison of the male nipples. seriously, why do i have them? lol Great post and congrats for the FP!

  9. Well lucky for you (and for me), there is one very special holiday that comes every August – your half birthday. I too have always felt that August got the short end of the stick, so I decided to start celebrating my half birthday every year. I always do something a little wacky that I might not do on my official bday to keep it interesting. So make that the thing you look forward to each August!

  10. tokyo5 says:

    >August has…nothing (in the U.S.)

    Another good thing about living in Japan.
    Japan has fifteen public holidays…plus most people get a 3-7 day holiday in mid-August called “O-bon”.

  11. Adam says:

    I’d disagree, I think there are far too many holidays for the most part. Let’s be honest, how much do most of us care about the various holidays, little to none? President’s Day, who cares. Groundhog’s Day, I live in Ohio, it seems like we have 8 or 9 months of winter every year anyway. I’m all for a day off work for the most part, but as someone who just recently graduated from college and I’ve always had jobs where I’m working nights and weekends so holidays that give you a 3-day weekend have never been a big deal to me. Some other holidays seem like they’re there just to make me feel obligated to do something, I don’t care about holidays and I’m glad to see a month where I don’t have to deal with them.

  12. HoaiPhai says:

    Hey, I’m with you 100%. I proposed August Fool’s Day weeks ago but nobody listened.

  13. Caitlin Kelly says:


    Go north, young man! I left Canada in 1988 but an August holiday seems to have been created there since then, and it’s today.

  14. readersquest says:

    I prefer the way they do it in Europe – the entire month of August is basically a holiday.

  15. “Every month has a bunch of these crazy, fictional holidays. But they’re like men’s nipples – nobody knows why they’re here, where they come from or what to do with them.”

    Bahahaha, best line ever. Great writing! Absolutely agree that August should have a spotlight. It’s like the forgotten middle child.

  16. Nerdygirl98 says:

    I’ve never thought of that. Yeah, i like music day. Better than ” Go back to school day ” ugh. Pedriots are actually really pretty, not as pretty as my birthstine , a ruby, but yeah, i think you’re on to something Makya McBee!

  17. Not only that, but school starts in August! That’s a downer for most kids—————
    Great post!

    • Makya McBee says:

      eweket – Well, then, to my Muslim brothers I say enjoy the fast (I fasted once for six days, just to see if I could do it, and don’t the days – ironically – go by slower when you’re fasting?)

      White Elephant – Yes, there’s a push to make my half birthday a federal holiday. One day you’re “freshly pressed” and the next day you’re a national hero – eh, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

      tokyo – Yes, I was talking about America – my jingoistic tendencies bite me in the tuckus once again. Japan’s got it figured out – I’m calling my travel agent…

      Adam – While I’m not a big fan of people disagreeing with me, I will fight to the death for your right to voice your own opinion…well, maybe not to the death…but I’d take a scratch or two for that right…

      HoaiPhai – I never know if I should take you seriously on August Fool’s Day.

      Caitlin – The more comment I read the more I realize I should move to another country, where they know how to take time off.

      readersquest – Again, yes, everywhere else is better…

      thoughtpantry – Best line ever? I don’t know about that. Top twenty two, maybe.

      Nerdy girl – Thanks, although I’m still skeptical about this whole peridot thing.

  18. eadon216 says:

    Rhode Island celebrates VJ day. We get the day off and everything.

  19. phannieg says:

    I love it! Music is the best thing ever! We need a day to celebrate it and appreciate it. I’m all for concerts and humming.

  20. A very interesting anomaly (your title caught my eye in the WordPress homepage block). Music Day would be a timely addition, especially considering Congress declared the last Saturday of July National Dance Day a couple of years ago. They would go well together.

  21. Queen Linda says:

    Can we hum whatever we want, or do you want to assign us a song? I’m on The Bus (really, if you look at my blog, I’m the driver — maybe we could hum The Who’s Magic Bus!). There’s only a week to get this together so OK GO!

  22. Two quick thoughts.
    1) August is the BEST month for a birthday because no other holiday’s are distracting anybody!!
    2) People are too busy during the last and best month of summer to be distracted by any holiday!! (Except birthdays. . .???)
    That being said, I fully support Music Day.

  23. Nick says:

    Haha… yeah Music Day!!!

  24. firsttimerblogger says:

    Here in the Philippines, it’s different. In here August means it is a wet season along with the –ber months. Because of the heavy rain downpour, a lot of commitments were cancelled and postponed.So in a way we also have holidays, but everyday’s a surprise 😀

  25. Desi Valentine says:

    Not to rub salt in the wound, or anything, but it’s a holiday today through most of Canada. In Edmonton, Alberta, it’s Heritage Day – which means there’s a big cultural festival in the park wherein we gorge ourselves on international cuisine, drink Red Stripe beer and margaritas, and watch the old and young shake-the-booty. Now we just need to figure out how to get something similar going in June….

  26. Maureen says:

    Awesome post. I totally agree August needs a holiday–especially now since they make kids start school in August (how much does that stink?).

  27. Jay says:

    February needs as many holidays as it can get because as a month it just plain sucks. August, on the other hand, is the fulness of summer. It doesn’t need any gimmicks.

    • Makya McBee says:

      Kathryn – Kids, schmids…we adults need, minimum, a holiday per month.

      eadon – Hmmm, so I don’t have to leave the country to get more holidays, I just need to move to Providence.

      phannieg – Who doesn’t like humming? It’s like singing, only hummier.

      Implications – Of course, we would be dancing before the music…but I’m good with it. To D.C.!

      Linda – Of course you can hum whatever you want. I wouldn’t think of assigning you songs to hum (hum “Proud Mary” – do it now)

      good – Sure, that makes sense. But my birthday is in February…please, while reading my blog, remember to look at everything from my point of view. Thanks.

      Nick – Good point.

      first timer – I’ve never been to the Phillippines, then again, I rarely get off the couch – but I appreciate your perspective, umbrellas are on me, guys.

      Desi – Yes. We need more holidays in more countries more of the time. More, more, more.

      Maureen – Awesome reply. Unfortunately, I do not have a guage for measuring metaphorical odor.

      Jay – My birthday month sucks? How dare you, sir? How dare you?

  28. hayadith says:

    this is epic..

    August 2, is my birthday..
    yerp, today is my special day..


  29. Posky says:

    Edison probably was thrilled about his invention, hoping it would eventually pave the way for finally creating a holiday in August. And doesn’t a peridot sound more like a fancy dance than a green stone?

  30. I completely agree! I was at the craft store yesterday and feeling depressed because the Halloween decorations were already being displayed. I don’t think I can survive August without some sort of holiday!!!

    • Makya McBee says:

      Red Painter – I take it you agree?

      Michael – I don’t know what this means, but inventor followed by exclamation point must be a good thing.

      hayadith – I hate to break it to you, but today is the 1st.

      Posky – Peridot doesn’t sound like anything to me…and I’m still not convinced that it is anything.

      Elizabeth – Precisely. If we don’t get a new holiday soon, we’ll have to spend a ridiculous amount of time preparing for the fall holidays.

      • hayadith says:

        this is epic..

        August 2, is my birthday..
        yerp, today is my special day..


        in malaysia, it’s already 2nd august..(the time i posted the comment)..:))))
        it’s okay..when you (us) are sleeping, we just wake up in asia..!

      • Makya McBee says:

        What? It’s different days in different places? You’re blowing my mind, over here…how many moons do you have?

  31. Gee … I’m happy there are no holidays in August. It can be so tiresome to keep celebrating something. Other than a day off from work, I see no reason to have so many of them.
    Really … do we need a grandparents day ???? or Teacher appreciation day ????
    Rock on August … be proud of being a nothing month.

    Congrats on Freshly Pressed ….!!!!

  32. MsCarlyD says:

    Good point! Aside from my birthday, 8/7 was the day the purple heart was established in 1782– this seems like it could be a good sort of holiday!

  33. heathersnyder1 says:

    I vote to make the whole month of August one long, paid holiday. And we will celebrate with goat cheese and peridots!

  34. Shiney says:

    Lol! Sucks for you but in Jamaica August has 2 holidays, Emancipation Day which is August 1st and Independence Day which is August 6th.

    On the other hand July is a holiday free month for us…actually there are lots of empty months…hmm. Carry on! 🙂

  35. AiXeLsyD13 says:

    I support a music holiday, and am also generally unconcerned with men’s nipples. Write to congress!

  36. Nicky says:

    In the UK we get the last Monday of August off work, but don’t be too jealous – it’s our last holiday until Christmas…

    I prefer your system.

  37. I have to share from wikipedia:

    Blogday.org[33] was created with the belief that bloggers should have one day dedicated to getting to know other bloggers from other countries and areas of interest. The designated date is August 31, because when written 3108, it resembles the word “Blog”. On that day, bloggers recommend five new blogs to their visitors, so that readers discover new, previously unknown blogs.”

    I was not aware that blogday existed. Is it real?

  38. Elise says:

    My husband and I feel that August flies by quickly. But, I have the best holiday for August — it is my birthday!

  39. edwincov says:

    Hey, that’s true, no holidays.

    I’m totally for music day! Let’s get this thing started!


  40. Elle says:

    LOL I love this idea! I’m a HUGE music lover and my birthday is mid-August so it seems fitting

    • Makya McBee says:

      Isadora – Even your comment, “Rock on August,” secretly hints at your desire to see a Music Day in August.

      Carly – Every third person’s birthday is in August…this is getting suspicious…

      Heather – A month long holiday – now we’re getting Eurpoean, sweet.

      Shiney – Yeah, Jamaica sort of has a reputation of having a lot of down time – and I’m with you.

      Name too confusing to write – We probably shouldn’t mention men’s nipples when we write to Congress…we want to sound reputable.

      Nicky – I like hearing from all of these different countries – and yours is the first with less holidays – that’s what the revolution was really about, it wasn’t the tea tax, we just wanted more holidays.

      Veronica – This is one of those ridiculous holidays – a little research will reveal that most days have multiple celebrations, but I say they don’t count unless everybody knows about them. Blog Day get out of the way of Music Day if you please.

      Elise – We could start a support group for August birthdays in this very comment section. (I don’t, however, know why we would want to do that).

      edwin – Of course it’s true. I blog for truth, justice and…I always forget the third thing, but it’s good too.

      • MsCarlyD says:

        Count back 9 months from August — lots of Christmas season conception going on!

      • AiXeLsyD13 says:

        No nipples then? Might get some of the most conservative to pay attention… if there’s any shoe-tapping conservatives left.

      • Makya McBee says:

        Carly – Wait a second, I started blogging because I was promised there would be no math involved.

        Ai…etc. – I’m not saying no nipples (Who would ever say such a thing?) I’m just saying we keep them out of the official correspondence.

  41. Leah says:

    I completely agree with you! It’s just insane there is nothing in August. Luckily once September hits, we have holidays nearly every month through the end of the year. But this is quite a stretch. By the way, today is the day the first Lincoln penny was minted.

  42. Gabby says:

    Obviously, you’re not in Rhode Island, where our August Holiday is firmly entrenched — VJ Day *. (Please, could we just change it to World Peace Day and get on with life?)

    Another old-fashioned RI tradition is that school does not start until after Labor Day…which makes that second Monday in August extra delicious.

    * “Victory over Japan” Day.

  43. ashutoshdhar says:

    On the contrary, in India, August gets it fair share of holidays. 15 August happens to be a monday and our Independence Day which gives a long weekend. And this time, 22nd August is also a holiday in some parts of India.
    Hail August-us!

  44. ravolution says:

    I heard men’s nipples were there so we could tell which way round we were without taking of our pants. Wonderful proposition, what would this holiday be called?

  45. fightingreality says:

    I would absolutely vote for Music Day or Music Month, as heathersnyder1 puts above.

  46. molls225 says:

    I think we should celebrate music day with Kazoos!

  47. misfit120 says:

    Ok, we either celebrate Woodstock by going naked in August and rolling in mud as they did at that concert. Or, we just honor Woodstock, the bird in Peanuts and be done with it.

    • Makya McBee says:

      Elle – Recent census statistics indicate that everyone was born in August – hmmm, I learn something every day.

      Leah – Happy Lincoln Penny Minting Day – finally, a holiday that literally makes cents.

      Gabby – Rhode Island, smallest in size, but biggest in holding on to strange, out-dated holidays.

      Kim – Thanks!

      ashutoshdar – List of places, so far, that are better than America – Japan, Canada, India, and Rhode Island…

      ravolution – Music Day. Or Musac Day (as I can see how you prefer “a’s” to other vowels).

      CJ – Thank you, but I wish people would stop laughing at my nipples…

      Fighting chance – Music Day, Music Month, whatever, let’s just get some more vacation time.

      Molls – I think we should celebrate every holiday with kazoos.

      misfit – I see no reason why we can’t roll around in the mud with a small, talking bird – it’s the best of both worlds.

  48. So true–I’ll sign any petition you come up with for an Aug. holiday. I kind of think that September’s “holiday” (one long ‘back to school’ theme) does leak into Aug – at least advertising wise, but this is the time when I want to hold on to summer as long as one can!

  49. Oh yes!! Let’s start a revolution…or a petition…or…something. Anyways, we need a day to celebrate music. If you ask me, I think music is far more influential than groundhogs or even most presidents…


  50. ournote2self says:

    Yay for music day! Wait for me while I tune up the old kazoo!

  51. Whitney says:

    First of all, your article is hilarious. Thank you for this fun view on the lack of holidays in August. I agree 100%. And has anyone noticed that July and August have 31 days, back-to-back? How the heck did that happen? Why did both July and August get an extra day when February doesn’t even make it to 30, even in a leap year. People who are born in August are lucky though, they get to celebrate their personal holiday without being dwarfed by other national holidays. Oh the quirks of the calendar.

    But who cares now. It will all be over in 2012 anyways right? 😛

    P.S. People born in Feb (like me) are officially awesome.

  52. AD says:

    Although I think I’ve decided I like the fact that August has no holidays, I just posted this suggestion before finding your post, and it fits right in with your music theme. If August must have a holiday, I fully support Music Day.


  53. iwebhound says:

    I must insist that if an August Holiday is added, it be one that does not require greeting cards…please?

    • Makya McBee says:

      Porch – Well, advertising wise Christmas leaks into October – there’s no sense in measuring anything this way. But I appreciate your support – I’ll send the petition over with all due haste.

      Fickle – I’d say that music is slightly more influential than groundhogs…of course, it depends on the groundhog – there are a couple of real movers and shakers on Wall Street.

      Note – How about this – in honor of Music Day, treat yourself to a brand new kazoo.

      Whitney – Thank you. Yes. Another February birthday amidst all these summer lovers. And, yes, thank goodness we won’t have to worry about any of this after next year.

      AD – I’ll take qualified support any day of the week.

      Webhound – Yes. I have a long list of future Vs. topics and greeting cards in on there.

  54. Grace says:

    I’m with her. At least a week of music holiday, paid time off of course. We need a break here in the summer heat!

  55. crtnyhks says:

    As an August-child, I agree completely – August needs a holiday. I’ve always thought it was unfair that one of the hottest months (in OK & TX, at least) doesn’t get a break. Music Day is a great idea, especially since August is such a strange month (weather, school starting, etc.). What a great way to get people pumped for the transition from summer to fall!

  56. You could always create a holiday. Bagel day, for instance. Are you sure you looked on every calendar? There are random ones that pop up every now and then. For example, there was national donut day last month, this moth could be all about pine nuts or something…

  57. In Canada, we have a civic holiday (which is today) called family day. 🙂

  58. Eva McCane says:

    i’m totally on board. lollapalooza is always the first weekend in august too. love music. love holidays. love celebrating them even more. put me on the petition

  59. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! I feel exactly the same way! My birthday is in August, so I’ve always wondered– what the heck is a peridot? But alas, I was born in the month of nothing but goat cheese and green stones.

  60. Lokyra Stone says:

    Peridots are pretty but music is far better. Although Heather has an excellent suggestion of celebrating music with goat cheese and peridots. Someone could even make a song about goat cheese and peridots.
    Honestly, until now, August was just anticipatory month for my birthday in early September.

    • heathersnyder1 says:

      I agree with you Lokrya about the music! (Pretty name by the way!) Us September babies gotta stick together! August should be a month long celebration making way for our birthdays!

      Hey anybody else voted for this blog as Best Humor Blog, yet?

      • Lokyra Stone says:

        Thank you, Heather! And maybe that’s part of the August holiday. Music, goat cheese, peridots, and gearing up for our birthdays! We could have parades or something.

        And no I haven’t, but that’s an excellent idea.

  61. Gladys says:

    I’m an August child, so I like the fact there are no holidays in August. Our birthdays are always noticed and we don’t have to compete with some national holiday. Not only that, but August is itself a month-long holiday. Just think, August is a month of relaxation. People go on vacation, are more relaxed at work, there is less stress all month for workers. And then comes September and everything starts all over, the stress, no more vacations, the crazy world returns. So thank God for August. It gives us all a break from the world at large.

  62. Sarah says:

    Interesting point… there aren’t even any important birthdays that I can recall that happen in August. So it’s absolutely PERFECT that my husband and I got married mid-August. We get the month all to ourselves 🙂 so, take that holiday-free-month!!

    • Makya McBee says:

      Grace – Yep, work is definitely over-rated.

      Cortney – I was born in Dallas, so…I don’t know…I’m aware of the heat there…thank you, yes, we’re gonna make this thing happen.

      Voice finder – Yes, I could always create a holiday. That is, in fact, precisely what I am attempting to do. And, yes, I’m aware of the strange, little holidays…perhaps you should read the post again…

      ceara – Family Day? How generic. That’s why I’m proposing the much more specific Music Day.

      Eva – Both your support and shameless self-promotion is appreciated.

      Teenager with thoughts – Why not make goat cheese the gem? Kill two birds with one birthstone, as it were.

      Lokyra – If I had a dollar for everytime I’d started to write a song about goat cheese and peridots, I would, surprisingly, have two bucks. Yep. Tried it twice. Not as easy as it sounds…

      Gladys – You’re a real month is half full type of person, but I stand by the fact that this month is completely empty of holidays and needs one.

      • Lokyra Stone says:

        I would never think writing a song about goat cheese and peridots would be easy. It’s a Herculean task before you. But the fate of the Music Day Anthem rests upon your shoulders, man!

      • Makya McBee says:

        Thanks for the added pressure…now, what rhymes with, “Useless, made-up gem stone”?

      • Lokyra Stone says:

        Useless, made-up gem stone,
        You greeny olivine stone.
        Help us celebrate Music Day,
        Or we will make you go away?

      • Makya McBee says:

        Wait…you rhymed “stone” with “stone”? We can do better…alone, own, tone, cell phone…we should probably hire a professional…

      • Lokyra Stone says:

        Repetition is totally acceptable in celebration songs. And I rather like “greeny olivine stone”.

        But yes. We probably need professional help..

      • Makya McBee says:

        Well, if we’re going to be repeating “green” and “stone”, we might as well do it right…

        Oh green stone, olivine treasure, emerald jewel, jade crystal, kelly ore, lime pebble, veridian mineral, apple rock…

      • Lokyra Stone says:

        That sounds like a bit of a mouthful. Maybe we should divide the repetition amongst the verses. (Not the versus.)
        Then once all is divided and spread equally among the masses, we shall put our celebration song to the test.
        The test that involves singing it loudly and joyously in a crowded public area, and we track how long it takes for us to get carted away to either the jailhouse as public nuisances, or the nuthouse, as Loonies.
        I wonder if they have green uniforms. Also, perhaps I should change my first name to Green.

  63. challahgirl says:

    I’m Jewish so I get a nice Fast day this month! Ha

  64. My holiday is also when the kids go back to school. Ha ha
    Interesting site – I plan to follow it.

  65. I think the best solution to remedy this grievous problem is to give everyone a second birthday in August. It would be great–we’d all get another birthday on which to revel in shameless self-indulgence, every day in August would be the birthday of someone you knew (which would mean more cake!), and August could finally show its previously festivity-barren face in public. EVERYONE WINS.

  66. Alan King says:

    This is an awesome post–hilarious and clever! Here’s a favorite:

    “Every month has a bunch of these crazy, fictional holidays. But they’re like men’s nipples – nobody knows why they’re here, where they come from or what to do with them.”

    Whoa! Nice one! I also dug that the literary devices deftly utilized in this post, such as the aforementioned simile (“…crazy, fictional holidays” and “men’s nipples”) and personification (“There’s barely time to recover from one party before getting the next one started – how do you think that makes August feel?” and “If there is any month that needs a break from itself, it’s August.”) Oh yeah, and humor’s another one. It saturates this post.

    Thanks for this one!

  67. roxyhart1973 says:

    I love this blogsite! Hilarious post! Do you know how long the Best Humor Blog contest ends? I’ll try to get more of my friends to vote. I hope you win first place!

  68. lol! wow! We Indians are really lucky in that case…we have our independence day 15th aug- which is a holiday and the only good thing about the day ….we have Raksha Bandhan- a ritual where a sister ties a band on brother’s writ praying for his well being…and we have our God Krishna’s birthday as well…..so, basically the war, religion and God all have helped us score some holidays in August 🙂

  69. They might as well make a Fantasy Football Day, so everyone who participates can take off work to hold their draft parties.

    • Makya McBee says:

      Sarah – You guys can’t have a whole month to yourselves…that would leave the other billions of us splitting up eleven months – it’s not fair.

      challahgirl – That’s the first time anyone’s ever bragged about fasting, well done.

      Ophelia – Oh boy am I glad you found something here to agree with, nice name.

      Addys – Thank you. And I hope that your plans to follow this site come to fruition and you actually do follow it.

      That’s a wrap – Good idea, just one problem, we’d all automatically become twice as old.

      Alan – I’m rarely complimented on my literary devices. As an English major, you’re talking my language (English).

      Roxy – I do not know when the voting ends – that site is shrouded in mystery (I can’t even figure out how to get a screenshot up there). I very much appreciate your support. (And where are my baked goods?)

      Ruchira – Yes, you’re the second Indian to let me know how unlucky I am by comparison – when do the sister’s get the wrist treament?

      Photon – Yep. I had a fantasy lockout party last month…guess that’s all over now.

      • roxyhart1973 says:

        I couldn’t find the end date on Blogger’s Choice Awards site either, but I hope you win Best Humor Blog! I will have to make more cupcakes…I ate the last batch. Sorry, they looked so good and I can’t pass up good chocolate. You also need cupcakes to celebrate making Freshly Pressed. Congratulations to you Makya McBee!

      • Makya McBee says:

        Jessica – Take a gander through these here comments – everybody is born in August. Maybe I should consider creating a Birthday Day instead.

        MM – Voting women and beer – a winning combination. What’s up with you stealing my initials? (When I was ten years old I wanted to be called “The Great MM”)

        Brown – Not a problem. If you’d like me to explain why you don’t like other things just let me know.

        em – Another August birthday? I understand, my dad’s birthday is January 5th and even that got lost in the Christmas/New Year’s shuffle. You’re fortunate to have an August birthday, but what about the rest of us?

        Ruchira – I don’t know, I’d rather have safety than a present – unless it was a really cool present…I mean, who needs to be safe when you’ve got Jet Skis (actually, the person with Jet Skis is probably exactly who needs to be safe).

        Arilaan – Edison simply radiates the joyful pride of a job well done…I suppose when it’s your 1,348th invention the novelty kind of wears off.

        Roxy – Congratulations to you…for actually finding my site before I was freshly pressed. I can hardly wait for the cupcakes.

  70. LOL, love this post! Unfortunately, my birthday is in August and that stupid birthstone looks like the color of green puke. I don’t allow ANYONE to buy me ANYTHING with that stone! bleh! In any rate, You should move to Germany, they have 3 weeks vacation in August 🙂

  71. Lady Tam Li says:

    Two essential things happen in August you are free to celebrate:

    1. My birthday (the 21st.)

    2. School back in session.

    I find both of these fantastic reasons to celebrate. 😀

  72. notquiteold says:

    Good post! Just the tiniest quibble with your enviable thought process. Woodstock was in 1969.

  73. kat says:

    Hahah, you’re so right! There should be a federal holiday every month! But August is still summer for us peeps that don’t work, so everyday is a holiday lol. Thanks for sharing! I’m still trying to get the hang of blogging here and I just love how supportive and creative everyone is! If you have time, could you please check out my blog? http://shecooksandheeats.wordpress.com/ I would love some advice and feedback 🙂

  74. …HILARIOUS!!
    but you really have a point!!

    • Makya McBee says:

      Sugar and/or Spice – According to these comments, I should move to Germany and Japan and Canada and India and Rhode Islane…it’s gonna be a busy month…

      Heather – I voted twice!

      Tam Li – I’ll still be recovering from my massive half birthday celebration on the 20th, but thanks for the invitation.

      Young? – You know the five second rule when it comes to food on the floor? I’ve got a two year rule when it comes to my blog. Actually, I’m surprised that no one else noticed, Woodstock is fairly well known for being in 1969 and I’m tempted to go back into the post and fix it…but I won’t because I find my fallibility endearing.

      Kat – Just checked out your blog. You’re not a movie person? That’s going to be a problem. I’m a movie person. I don’t really have any advice. I have no idea what I’m doing, myself. I just try to assemble letters into words – and then sentences – and hope it’s coherent. Nice mac and cheese, though.

      Writer – Five exclamation points, an emoticon and CAPS? I’m humbled by the generous use of your keyboard accessories.

  75. I agree…Im well past the point of little ones heading back to school so my august is long, hot and dull. Next Monday I will crank up whatever means of music I choose and go forth celebrating what truly is worth of celebration…Music and all that it inspires…

  76. August should definitely have a Woodstock Day. Everyone can listen to music and dance around naked sans anti-frizz products.

    I like the “men’s nipples” bit – though there ARE things one can do with them. But that’s for another time and place….

  77. Kendall Losee says:

    Totally! I agree lets make a Music day in August

    • Makya McBee says:

      Tina – Amen, sister.

      Laurie – Careful, it’s a PG site…I’ll let it slide this one time…(mostly because I want to know what those things are – do you have some sort of pamplet?)

      Kendall – Okay, now that Kendall is on board – let’s go everybody. It’s time to make some magic.

  78. August 1 is a national holiday in Switzerland. It’s Swiss National Day. I’m glad I’m here, meaning, I’m glad there’s a holiday here in August. Haha, nice post, you keep me laughing while reading it.

  79. J. Boudreaux says:

    Stop and think about it. August without a holiday gives us time to prepare for: Cable TV month and National Chicken month in September, Celiac Disease Awareness month,Talk about Prescriptions month in October and who can for get the really big one in November, World Toilet Day . . . where would we be without that baby??????? Ha ha, bet you didn’t think about that when you wrote this blog! Great posting. J. http://contemporarymusings.wordpress.com

  80. I’m a teacher, so I should just shut up now regarding time off 🙂

  81. Jessica Rose says:

    My birthday is in August – otherwise, I’ve always been sad at the lack of holidays in August too. ugh.

    • Makya McBee says:

      Mariain – Darn you, Switzerland. With your pocket knives and your Alps and your chocolate and your good naturedness and your holidays…sounds like a nice place…

      J.B. – Would you believe I thought about all of that when I wrote this blog? (I didn’t think about all of that, I’m just curious as to whether or not you’d buy into that as a concept).

      Tattoos – I hardly work at all, so I don’t know what I’m talking about.

  82. MM says:

    Speak for yourself, neighbour. I’m enjoying my August holiday right now!

    That’s right, the first Monday of August is a Civic Holiday (can you tell it was just an excuse?) in most Canadian provinces. August 5 is International Beer Day, and women got the vote on August 18. There are two reasons to celebrate right there! http://sablefable.wordpress.com

  83. I knew there was a reason I didn’t like August. Thanks for clearing that up!

  84. emspeaks says:

    Ha! August 7 IS Peridot Day for me because that’s my birthday. I’ve always been pleased not to have to share my birth-month with any major holidays—especially when I think of my uncle, who was born the day after Christmas and is often forgotten.

    Also, I hate goat cheese.

    But I’m just being nitpicky—I like this post. And congrats on FP!

  85. hahhaha, sisters don’t get the wrist treatment , they get gifts in return ….twice a year 🙂
    gifts in return for a band and prayer – isnt it a good bargain?? lol!

  86. Oh yeah! One more thing , My birthday is on 11th – one of the reason for curiosity to read a blog on August !

  87. arilaan says:

    Hahahahaha this post is wonderful. Thomas Edison is just ecstatic.

    If a movement to begin a Music Day in August actually coalesces I’m all for it. I will actually seriously do. Whatever. It. Takes.

  88. mewithmycamera says:

    its a holiday today in Canada…..just saying 😀

  89. thisisnotawesome says:

    Well said. August is a wretched month. http://thisisnotawesome.wordpress.com/2010/10/21/august/

  90. […] the meantime, here’s a great read from a Freshly Pressed blogger railing against “The Lack of Holidays in August.” Head over there and give him a like, […]

  91. Melody D. says:

    This post was sweet. Reading about National Goat Cheese month makes me really hungry haha

  92. I love the fact that you pointed out that there is a trend of music in august. Why couldn’t we have a music day? I mean music is a big part of our society and our life.

  93. mrsjtf811 says:

    i volunteer my birthday to be the national August holiday. I don’t need gifts, but a paid day off would be FABULOUS! (and I wouldn’t have to use one of my vacation days). If we can’t get that passed – National Music Arts Day would be splendid.

  94. larosson says:

    On August 15th 1989, I was born! That alone makes it marginally better, surely. Also, I’m pretty sure August = Emerald.

  95. I’m so glad one of my kids was born in August; it does break up the monotony of this lazy days of summer month. I love the idea of Music Day.. Please run for pres. b/c I’d vote you in just b/c I think you’d make one hall of a cool pres 😀

  96. I usually take a vacation in August so haven’t really noticed until now, but this year I have to wait until September so I think it’ll hit me hard. Though like at least one other person I often have to work on major holidays so maybe August will actually be easier for me.

    Of course, those who get one or more ‘discretionary holidays’ at work could always agree to call one day in August “DH Day.”

    • Makya McBee says:

      Camera – Yeah, but it’s a lot colder there. Am I right or am I right? (I know that question doesn’t give you a lot of options, but my blog, my rules).

      Not awesome – Great minds think alike (and, apparently, so do ours).

      Lost – Thanks for the referral.

      Melody – Really? It tends to have the opposite effect on me.

      Artist – Why couldn’t we? We could. That’s what I’m saying. You’ve found the blog that makes a difference, that gets things done, that changes the world – and makes nipple jokes.

      jtf – I hereby grant you permission to take the day off. You’re welcome.

      larosson – You can take off on mrsjtf811’s (I wonder what her maiden name was?) birthday as well. The two of you should have a party. (And, as far as I can tell, emerald is May…but who knows who gets to decide these things anyway…you can have it be emerald if it makes you happy…and what wouldn’t make you happier than peridot?)

      Jaret – I wonder what would make it easier for them…maybe some music?

      Eva – I’d say there’s about and 87% chance I’ll be president one day. And it all started right here.

      Elsa – Vacationing is the standby excuse for why August doesn’t have a holiday…but who are they (and when I say “they,” I have no idea who I’m talking about) to limit our holidays?

  97. I like the sound of music day 🙂

  98. PGMG says:

    Where I live August gets all the rad thunderstorms. Dancing in the warm rain, watching the lightening and listening to the thunder is a huge reason to celebrate!

  99. Lindsay says:

    Here in Canada we get August 1st off for a “Civic Holiday”, whatever that means. I’ll take it!

  100. Love it, also, can’t forget that Lollapalooza is in August….. you just can’t beat that. And besides, the world really does need a Music Day, why not in August? Genius.

  101. garcialy says:

    School starts in August. It is overwhelming enough. The first day of school marks the beginning of a bunch of crap to do. When just the day before, when it was summer vacation–there was nothing to do at all.

  102. ecodolphin says:

    I think you should make up your own holiday that lasts for a whole week, maybe two! Now that’s a holiday!

  103. AiXeLsyD13 says:

    I have a proclamation from my governor that says “diarrhea”: http://aixelsyd13.wordpress.com/2010/05/09/pa-2010-faaw/

  104. LOL! That’s so true. Peridot is the UGLIEST stone ever. It’s an icky greenish yellowish color that is not appealing. At all. Thanks for giving me a laugh today 🙂 Congrats on Freshly Pressed, too!

    • Makya McBee says:

      Benjamin – Congratulations, you are only the second person on my site to earn their Bad Pun Badge! (Trust me, they’re real collectibles, I’ve got 14)

      PGMG – Whatever floats your boat…get it? It rains a lot and that causes flooding, which would make your boat float…I’m sorry, I’ve just replied to 120 comments in a row, I’m running out of ammunition here.

      Lindsay – I believe that’s a holiday sponsored by Honda.

      uglyrevolution – I wouldn’t say, “genius”…but I’m glad you did.

      garcialy – That’s right. Could be our motto – “Tired of the thought of the impending bunch of crap to do? Celebrate Music Day.”

      ecodolphin – Do I hear three? Hell, let’s take the whole year off.

      P&P – You’re welcome, feel free to come back for an additional laugh at your convenience.

  105. My Mom was born in August and my husband too, so for me, it’s a month for celebrations of life.
    A great blog you have here. Love it!

  106. ミドリ says:

    The 22nd of August is actually my Birthday.
    (yeaahyuh!!) 😀

  107. […] August, anyone? To me it’s birthdays & back to school. Not everyone likes it as much as I do, though […]

  108. Emily says:

    Valid outlook! August needs some R-E-S-P-E-C-T, I say!

    Now…if you had the time to look up all the ridiculous irrelevant celebrations August can offer, you most certainly can learn about Peridot; a gem that is simply stunning in its own respect.

    One last thought…I was born in August. Let the festivities begin. Enough said.

  109. Posky says:

    Music day forever.

    Birth stones forever.

  110. Carmon Thomas says:

    I thought you were going for Inventions Day. 😀

  111. Alison says:

    It has always bugged me that my birthday is in August, and there are no holidays at all. Just a boring month. August is just boring. And since I’m getting older, I’m not greatly excited about my birthday either. There definitely needs to be an August holiday! It’s the Tuesday of months.

  112. anonnickus says:

    Whatever the reason for the holiday (All your ideas are good) it could be celebrated by golfing in Georgia and sampling Bloody Ceasars. Great post.

  113. Stephanie says:

    I can get behind this, but only if there’s no gift-giving involved. After Valentines, Mothers’ Day, and Father’s Day it’s nice to have a respite on fretting about gifts until Christmas rolls around.

    • Makya McBee says:

      Virginia – While I was Texas born, and currently California live, age 9-23 were spent in Virginia (mostly in a town so small – Afton – that even the people who live there haven’t heard of it) – glad you like the blog.

      Claire – Yeaahyuh indeed.

      Sometimes – Thanks for the link, friendo.

      Emily – Sure, I researched your precious, little stone…it’s just that I’m still skeptical. It doesn’t sound like a real word and I think it could be a conspiracy cooked up by the…well, by someone…

      Carmon – We’ll save that one for March, it’s pretty lean with just St. Patrick’s Day – yippee, let’s wear something green, pretty weak.

      Alison – You’re right, in fact, the working title of the book was Augusts with Morrie

      anonnickus – The great thing about Music Day is you can celebrate any way you want – you don’t even need to include music.

      Stephanie – I agree completely. No gift giving on Music Day – just the gift of a lovely melody hummed in unison by people of all colors, creeds and….you get the idea…it’s real nice like…

  114. Dan Bain says:

    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an image of Edison before, and I’m disappointed — I’ve always pictured him as a frizzy-haired, mustachioed, wild-eyed bundle of energy, sorta like Einstein. Instead, he’s staid and well-groomed. Blerg.

    And as an August baby, I *hate* peridot!

    Thanks for a fun post.

  115. Maybe August should be Male Nipple Month. I mean, the nipples of the other gender are celebrated every day, right? 31 days of male nipple worship sounds seems fair enough don’t you think?

  116. Thomas says:

    I feel your pain. My birthday is in August and while I’m not pushing for it to be a federal holiday, although that would be nice, I always regretted never getting to bring in cupcakes to school for my birthday. How about August 5th, Neil Armstrong’s birthday? Then we can trade one explorer for another and dump Columbus Day.

  117. hahaha – great post – loved it



  118. Visalus says:

    What a great idea! A music holiday… this is just what this country needs. We need to come together for the sake of music and have the day off, or a week off, to celebrate! Where would we be without MTV honestly…

  119. Michael says:

    My Birthday is this Month. Yahoo

  120. so sad but so true i’m starting college soon and that means i should be getting a job soon not looking forward to a trapped month

  121. savingtheworld1stepatatime says:

    Actually, Lammas on August 1st is one of my favorite holidays.

  122. marcys says:

    As someone who hates holidays I’d be celebrating their absence–however, just my luck, both my kids were born in August. I was always making kids parties.Not anymore, but there’s still always something…no rest for the weary.

    • Makya McBee says:

      Dan – Don’t blerg at Edison’s appearance…he’s looking pretty good considering he’s 164 years old.

      Matthew – You’re right about the other nipples, not so sure the male version warrants a full month…

      Thomas – I’m so sorry about the cupcakes. Summer birthdays aren’t fair, birthdays near other holidays aren’t fair…it’s tough out there…very sad…I could really go for a cupcake about now…

      Grace – I’m so honored to, temporarily, be a platform for other people’s self promotion – thanks.

      Visalus – Without music television we wouldn’t have The Real World, Singled Out, Pimp My Ride, etc…music just wouldn’t be the same…

      Michael – A Jonathan Swift reference – nice.

      kizzy – You’re too young to be depressed so far in advance.

      World saver – Ahh, the wheat harvest festival…I remember my youth…harvesting the wheat….and…what not…with the grains…and the harvest…and the wheat…good times…

      Marcy – It’s true, there is always is something. But imagine the alternative…

  123. Very funny. And I wholeheartedly agree. A month without a holiday is like the proverbial “day without sunshine,” although August is just too darn full of it, sunshine, that is. Hey, Peridot Day is as good as any. Let’s go for it.

  124. sarahnsh says:

    Holidays for me mean that I’m still working. We are open on Christmas Eve, and I have worked on Easter Day, and Memorial Day, 4th of July, I seem to work on all of the holidays. August’s holiday should be like “National Summer Day” or something like that. I’m sure they can come up with something!

  125. Carolyn says:

    Three of my siblings have birthdays right in a row, July 31, August 1, and August 2. I think my grandfather’s birthday is also in August, as is a cousin’s. So by mid-August, I’m all partied out anyway. But I’m all for a Music Day. Free kazoos all around.

  126. Barb Weir says:

    I live in New Brunswick, Canada and August first is a holiday here! It’s New Brunswick Day. It’s also, as my Western friend told me, British Columbia Day! 🙂 Maybe you just need to move to Canada! Enjoy August while you still can because it will be autumn before you know it!

  127. Well… well August is the best month when it comes to public holidays in Jamaica (similar to federal holidays in the US) because in that month alone we celebrate Emancipation Day ( August 1) and our Independence Day (August 6). I say you get a Summer Bank Holiday on August 29th like they have in the UK…. what do you say… get to enjoy the last days of summer…

  128. […] but as I stopped by my blog to see if I had anymore visitors since last night I stumbled over the following. Imagine, there are more people in the world that can write a lot about not […]

  129. Rajesh says:

    Nice post wow!!

    • Makya McBee says:

      Phyllis – There is, of course, no such thing as a day without sunshine and ipso facto (does that mean something?) there should be no months without holidays.

      Sarah – As a freelancer, I work rarely, but am open for business twenty four seven…so, who’s “we”?

      Carolyn – I’m with you up to “free kazoos” – a quality kazoo is pricey, we can’t just be giving them away…I, for one, favor the hand-crafted Peruvian Tenor Kazoo

      Barb – What’s with you Canadians bragging about all of your holidays – I thought you were supposed to be a humble people – why do my stereotypes always steer me wrong?

      Unpopular – Okay, it’s official, Jamaica and Canada are going to have to arm wrestle to decide the holiday winner (no performance enhancers, Jamaica)

      Fascinating – Thanks for the link – I’ll try to treat your referred readers well.

      Rajesh – Simple. To the point. Appreciated.

  130. Sharp says:

    oh! no holiday in August? In Belgium we get 1 day of the 15th of August ^^

  131. LOVE your writing style! So funny, so engaging. So deserving of Freshly Pressed! I am now a subscriber.

    Oh, and I live in beautiful British Columbia, and today is a stat holiday, BC Day.
    We just had one of the best, sunny, fun filled long weekends. And we listened to great music while doing so.


  132. lmmixer says:

    As someone with a birthday at the end of August, I have to say… I completely agree. It’s kind of a dull month. And what’s more, the end of it means the return of school, making it a dreaded month. I’ve always felt that once August hits, so does the end of summer. There’s just not much to look forward to anymore.

  133. Your sarcasm and comedic commentary are so hilarious (the men’s nipple analogy hahaha)! I love it! You also make an outstanding point in regards to August lacking a specified national holiday. I was happy to see that you not only bantered about August not having a day of celebration, but that you took the initiative to propose a resolution to the problem and a good one at that! It is quite true that not one month gives music a proper holiday. Music is just an essential element that forms a tool of expression, a way to define ourselves, and of course, without it, we can’t dance! It does so many things for us that it should definitely be commemorated!

    I really enjoyed this post, very creative, and extremely entertaining to read!

    If you don’t mind, I just started my own blog recently and I would like to post the link along with my comment! It’s http://www.logicmeetsreason.wordpress.com, I invite you and your readers to take a look at it, comment, and subscribe!

    • Makya McBee says:

      Sharp – Well, I can’t just move to Belgium every time I want a day off…or maybe I can…

      Jessica – Thanks for subscribing, I’ll do my best to live up to Canada’s high standards…what with all the holidays up there and what not…

      Mixer – Yes, August is like Sunday afternoon – it’s still technically the weekend, but you’re already dreading Monday morning.

      Logic – The logic in you praises my writing, but the reason in you seizes the opportunity to promote yourself – kudos to the meeting of the two.

      Adrian – Me too. (Then again, I wrote it).

  134. hendu says:

    anything that gets me more overtime by working on another holiday I am all for.

  135. Deasy Elsara says:

    LOL! Luckily we have our own Independence Day here. It’s on August 17th. So even-though most of us will be lazily dragging our body out of the bed in the morning (thanks to fasting month and itsextra sleepiness), we still have one-single-tiny-precious-holiday to enjoy. Ha!

  136. Barb Weir says:

    Well, you know what they say about stereotypes and Canadians…’eh’? 😉

  137. This is why I’ve always been glad I was born in August, so at least I get a birthday! But I have always been bitter about the Peridot thing…. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  138. Jen Letts says:

    I live in Key West, August here is like February in Minnesota, something to be endured. Music Day would be a lovely distraction!

  139. sachikorose says:

    Make a facebook event and invite people that way. spreading the word would be quicker and easier

  140. zookyshirts says:

    I’m all for Music Day holiday in August. We could either make pilgrimages to Menlo Park to his museum there — or the Wizard of Menlo Park can deliver little phonographs to all the good kids of the world.

    • Makya McBee says:

      hendu – You’re working on Music Day? Tough boss…won’t even let you take off fictional holidays.

      Deasy – In a way I’m worklng for the same thing – fighting for our independence from a holiday-free August.

      Barb – No, what do they say? Tell me, you enigmatic Canadian, you.

      Heidi – You’re one of the lucky few…or, based on the results of this comments section, one of the lucky majority born in August.

      Jen – Endure a few weeks longer, friend…Music Day is on the way.

      Rose – How is it that Facebook is the answer to every question nowadays? But you’re right. I’ll Zuckerberg them good.

      Zooky – Was a flying sled one of Edison’s inventions? Probably. If you think of a thing, chances are he invented it.

  141. thisissaleha says:

    This made me laugh! Good post and congratulations on making it to Freshly Pressed.
    I’m fasting right now, so we’ll have a huge festival called Eid for Muslims at the end. But that changes every year so you can’t classify that as an August holiday.
    Good news: Pakistan’s independence day is 14th August.
    Bad news: It’s on a Sunday this year.
    We just got cheated out of a holiday. 😦

  142. lol in good old ja we have a holiday in august, emancipation day! yay everyone goes to the beach, well except me, i’m too awesome for outside stuff

  143. I love this idea!
    I was recently doing research to celebrate a foreign holiday, and it turns out us and France are the only ones who celebrate anything… coincidentally, they’re both for independence. And we have the same colors. O:
    If anything, we should have an August holiday for modern music – after all, most of the feats you listed were for developments that have made music what it is today. Just a thought.

  144. ButchInc says:

    Great post! Thank you, had some good laughs. Totally agree with that Music Day thing. Luckily here in Germany the entire August is like a holiday for me since there’s no classes at uni. A 31-day-long-holiday so to speak, with partys any day of the week. Anyway, again, great post!

  145. frontierorthodoxy says:

    I liked your suggestion for music day. Although, I maybe goat cheese day could be paired with it, like a wine and cheese and music day. Great comments, here.

    Anyhow, your title of your post caught my attention so I stopped by. For what it’s worth, August actually has two major holidays for Christians (Transfiguration on August 6th and the Dormition of Mary on August 15th). I realize that for most Protestant Christians these days won’t be on their calendar, but I’ve been in Lutheran churches that have mentioned the former and both will be recognized by Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians.

  146. countoncross says:

    LOVE THE POST! I have already packed my bag for congress, I am ready when you are….I say why get one holiday when we can get two. MUSIC DAY and BACK TO SCHOOL HORRAY! We can hum all the way to congress. 🙂
    Love the blog!!!!

    • Makya McBee says:

      Saleha – I’m also fasting…for the next two hours…better luck with your efforts. Thanks for the compliments. In my land we move our holidays to Monday if they fall on a weekend, you should look into it.

      Someone – Too awesome for outside stuff? I’m right there with you – this is why I don’t go to the beach.

      Gone – It’s a good thought. One could argue that it’s my thought…but why quibble over the details? Music Day shall unite us all.

      Butch – Europe is just one big vacation – I may have picked the wrong continent…

      Fronteir – I appreciate the info, I didn’t even know Mary lived in a dorm – I didn’t even know they had dorms back then. I hope you enjoy your celebrations.

      Cross – I’ll be ready in about seventeen minutes. I live in LA, so I can stop by and pick you up on the way (pretty much wherever you live, assuming it’s in America, will be between here and there).

  147. ayanmaj says:

    I am from India and we have 2 public holidays in August – both of them are on Mondays .. yippieee !!

  148. Honestly- Here in the northern hemisphere everyday feels like a holiday in August. The days are long and warm. This is the time of year to burn a little vacation – long weekends or taking the week off before labor day.

  149. in the Uk we have stupid holiday rationing too. a few in april, two in may, then nothing till august, then nothing till the end of the year. i think if they gave us one a month there would be less resistance to monday mornings!

  150. You need to come to Canada, or more specifically, Ontario. The first Monday in August is a Civic Holiday, and everyone gets the day off work. It’s awesome.

    Otherwise, I think you should have Music Day…what better way to celebrate a day in a month that has nothing to celebrate? 😉

  151. Lilian Vale says:

    Lol. That was a funny post. But here in Brazil we have Father’s Day the second Sunday of August and Soldier’s Day on the 25th (which Brazilians don’t celebrate, but it’s also my dad’s birthday, so I do). I guess don’t share your problem with August… Still empathize though and it really was a fun read.
    God bless you.
    In Christ,

  152. dvahcea says:

    i think of my birthday as a holiday.!.but im not sure if that counts.i never get any presents or anything.=(.lolz.soo i TOTALLY agree.!

  153. Good post. Yeah, I think that’s why most people take vacation in August…there are no other federal holidays lumped in with the weekend to look forward to.

    • Makya McBee says:

      ayanmaj – I’ve been getting a lot of comments from India (I think you guys are tied with Canada right now) celebrating their bevvy of holidays. Maybe you could send one of them to us?

      Options – Sure, sure, but we need sanctioned reasons to take time off – official excuses to party.

      Tink – I’ve only been to England once, but, if I recall correctly, there wasn’t a single holiday the week I was there…step it up UK.

      PCC – It’s you guys or India – first to give the United States one of their spare holidays will become my new BFF…

      Lilian – I hope that you are actually LOLing and not just typing LOL as a means of conveying mild amusement – I take abbreviations literally…and Father’s Day in August? That’s wacky talk.

      dvahcea – I would have sent you a gift last year, but you never let me know when it was….and it’s too late this year, I do all of my birthday shopping a minimum of 32 days in advance, shoot me an email in July 2012 and I’ll pick you up something nice.

      Magnet – Yep, people are vacationing to escape all of the lack of holidays, we need to put an end to that at once.

      • dvahcea says:

        i will definetly do that.!=).HA.did i mention school starts on my birthday.every since i was kid.?.talk about a rude awakening!lol.i used to wonder if i was the only one who noticed the lack of holidays in august(besides my bday)-good to know i wasnt.!=)

  154. myjourney7283 says:

    I would like to say that there are MANY interesting people that were born in August, including:
    8/1 – Coolio
    8/2 – Peter O’Toole
    8/3 – Martin Sheen
    8/4 – Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth, Louis Armstrong
    8/5 – Neil Armstrong
    8/6 – Lucille Ball, Andy Warhol, M. Night Shyamalan
    8/7 – ME!, Charlize Theron, David Duchovny

    and the list goes on and on and on …

    So, I propose we make a GLOBAL holiday for August. The 2nd Thursday of August should be celebrated as “Amazing People Day”. Happy Birthday to everyone born in this most spectacular of months!

  155. careformore says:

    I live in Canada where we don’t go back to school until September so it is even worse how no one has a holiday in August, I like the music holiday idea it sounds pretty legit…

  156. gaycarboys says:

    You’re a bit of a card aren’tr you? It’s even worse in Australia where most of the holidays are crammed into the first half of the year. The last half of the year is mighty thin on the ground for days off. Consider yourselves lucky! At least we have a day off for the Queens birthday!

  157. allstarme says:

    I, for one, am thrilled about National Goat Cheese month. LOL. Good post; I hate August a whole heck of a lot.

  158. TJ Johnston says:

    From The Simpsons.

    Costington’s manager: “No, it’s gotta be warm and fuzzy. Something, like, um, Love Day. But not so lame.”

    (cut to Simpsons household)

    Marge: “Happy Love Day, everyone!”

  159. Joanne says:

    Add me to the long list of your August-born readers. (Aug. 6, which is also the anniversary of the atomic bombing of HIroshima.) I propose “Birthday Party Month” as our new holiday.

    But I’m cool with the whole Music Day/Back to School thing, too.

  160. The whole of August is a holiday for me – that’s the beauty of being in education!

  161. Lauren says:

    I’m in a similar boat as you with my birthday falling during a holiday-hogging month (November) and worse — always during Thanksgiving week. I’ve always hated having so many holidays crammed into so little time! If you start a petition for an August holiday — even Peridot day — I’ll sign.

  162. Am I the only one on here that doesn’t have a birthday…at all? International Clown Week is August, 7-13 and National Safe at Home Week is August, 22-26. Why do we not feel safe at home the rest of the year? Oh, probably because of the clowns.

    Congratulations Makya McBee on making Freshly Pressed!

  163. yintibbies says:

    I will quote from my latest post so you will understand my DESPERATE PLEA for an August holiday:
    “Meanwhile the 3 year old is STILL crying “Stop it! Stop it!” and now the 5 year old is screaming “I’M NOT GRUMPY BEAR!”. And as I escort her to the time out spot, she kicks yet another sibling and spits at them. So now I have a trio of yelling, screaming and crying.” {http://wp.me/pJEXD-3W}

    An officially sanctioned August holiday called “Sanity Day”. OK, your other readers proposed it earlier as a back to school holiday…I personally think “Sanity Day” sounds so much better. I’m a Southern Fried Momma who needs a little sanity after 8 weeks of summer vacation with 7 children. We stay at home mom’s deserve a holiday (preferably on a warm beach far…Far…FAR away from anyone under 18 years old!)

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

    • Makya McBee says:

      My journey – Forget Music Day, let’s go with Coolio Day.

      dvahcea – No problem. I’m here to also notice things that others are independently noticing and then to write about them (it’s a pretty specific job description).

      More – Too legit to quit, as a skilled musician once opined…

      GCB – You caught me. I am, indeed, a card. Happy Queen’s Birthday.

      All Star – And I appreciate your comment a whole heck of a lot. Thanks for reading (more specifically, thanks for reading the stuff I write).

      TJ – As a man who owns a four and a half feet tall Homer Simpson, I appreciate the reference. Thanks.

      Joanne – Dang, I wasn’t even keeping a list…this blogging is tough work…

      Fashion – I used to be in education – I believe you meant to say that shaping the minds of tomorrow is the beauty of being in education…not the extra days off…you’re welcome.

      Lauren – Glad to have you on board – we’re gonna even out this whole holiday deal if it’s the last thing I do (and I have a lot to do today, so it probably will be the last thing, just a heads up).

      That’s Sir Paul McCartnety to you – Thank you. It was great fun while it lasted. And I’m interested to learn more about how you don’t have a birthday…sounds like the premise to something science fictiony…

      yintibbies – Yintibbies? What’s a yintibbie? Thanks for reading, yintibbie. (And, clearly, she is Grumpy Bear).

  164. Liz Benitez says:

    I feel very strongly about August. It is my birth month, and I love the peridot (even though my skin looks sickly next to green). This question used to plague me. I really hated the no holiday thing. I am all over having a Music day, and why not through in the Sanity day as well, August has gone so long with out we deserve two.

    • Makya McBee says:

      Drink.Eat.Play – Thanks for the goat cheese link (maybe the first time those words have ever been typed).

      Liz – Darn tootin’ – the more the merrier…let’s get this done.

  165. Hahaha I’ve always loved August because it’s nice and hot, but you make some excellent points that make it worth reconsidering! Love the Edison photo, btw 😀

  166. Daneastside says:

    Perfect!! Thanks for your post, it made my day:)

    • Makya McBee says:

      Super – Yes, Edison seems pleased as punch at this photo opportunity. I’m glad you’re happy with August just the way it is…but there’s no reason not to make it a little better.

      Dane – Made your day? Not too shabby. I didn’t see this comment until late…but it made my early evening, thanks.

  167. Reading the blog Vs. The Lack of Holidays in August by Makya McBee, I started to search google for the Holidays in my Country, Philippines.

  168. leadinglight says:

    Australia does not have public holidays in August but I originate from SL where we have a public holiday every month for Poya because the main residents are Buddhist! In addition, we have the Hindu, Islam and Christian population too and we celebrate each of their religious holidays. Maybe introduce the concept of celebrating the holidays of all in residence :p

  169. Jenna Judge says:

    you know, I’ve noticed this about August too, and maybe it’s just my love for the underdog, but August is one of my favorite months to designate for special things… such as cheese parties (including goat cheese). But no really, I see August as the month where there isn’t something specifically special that is designated by a national holiday, but is open to whatever we want to make it. (sorry that sounds a little cheesy… pun intended)

    • Makya McBee says:

      Moe – It’s always been my dream to inspire others to research the holidays in a given month in their homeland…back in elementary school all the kids teased me for having such a specific, unusual dream…well, who’s laughing now?

      Light – While I appreciate your encompassing, genuine suggestion…it’s a little too encompassing and genuine for Americans – we like our holidays like we like everything else, self-centered.

      Jenna – Congratulations, you are the third winner of the Bad Pun Badge – wear it proudly, you’re in an elite group. And, yes, you go girl, go make August whatever you want it to be.

  170. […] me, happy International Beer Day! Yes, it’s another relatively meaningless holiday, but like this fellow blogger notes, August doesn’t get much holiday love. Not that Austinites need another […]

  171. coxcastillo says:

    hhahaah i better go for the music month… make it official.:)

  172. Jennifer says:

    Wow! Congratulations on the Freshly Pressed thing. This is wonderful.

    • Makya McBee says:

      Alan – I find that not enough people use the word, “hooray” nowadays. More hoorays might just make the world a better place. (More Civic Days, I’m not so sure).

      Unattached – From a Dallas-born to an Austin-living, thanks for the link.

      Castillo – I’m not sure if “hhahaah” is a stuttery, drawn out laugh, or the soothing sound one makes when they get a massage…either way I suppose it’s a compliment, thanks.

      Jennifer – Thank you for being one of my readers who was here before and comes back the day after I’m freshly pressed.

  173. Mariajose says:

    So funny how I thought the same thing when the month started. I wrote a post on my Party Planning Adventure for the 4th of July and one of my readers said she wanted to do a party. I told her to do one for like end of summer or a just because party, haha. I can’t wait for November and finally December. Best months out of the year in my opinion.
    I love how you compared August to a man’s nipple. Seriously, what are they for?
    & nice discoveries. You learn something new each and every day. Definitely a conversational topic for my boyfriend and I as soon as he picks me up for the movies tonight.
    Nice post & congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

  174. Dian Wijayanti says:

    Heeeyyy, August 17th is my country’s Independence Day! We’re having a national holiday! Yaaaayyy! Perhaps you should just move to Indonesia during August! Hahaha. And we’re also having a national holiday because a moslem celebration at the end of August this year! Lucky me, then 🙂

  175. Patrick says:

    I think the whole back-to-school celebration is lame. For one thing, everyone should start school again in September when it’s not as hot outside. Plus, why start school in August when Labor Day is a week or so away? That’s dumb! I personally love the idea of a Music Day.

    • Makya McBee says:

      It’s not so much a celebration as an assault on your wallet in an attempt to sell you back to school products. You’re right, why start school with a holiday so close? They should wait until October…no, that has Halloween…they should wait until November…no, that has Thanksgiving…they should wait until December…no…they should wait until…wait, what month doesn’t have a holiday?

  176. realanonymousgirl2011 says:

    My husband’s birthday is in August, that’s good enough for me!

  177. Jamie says:

    Make August 1st a national holiday for My Idol Jerry Garcia’s birthday

  178. Jamie says:

    August 1st should be My Idol Jerry Garcia birthday

  179. Jamie says:

    Make August 1st a national holiday for My Idol Jerry Garcia

  180. […] this last week. Only I just took this picture on Sunday. Anywho Happy August though it’s a totally lame month. However, August 2011 is special because I start college in 23 days […]

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