Vs. People Who Ask Themselves Questions

Posted: May 27, 2011 in Behavior
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Here’s the deal.  Do I find it annoying when people ask themselves questions out loud?  Yes.  Is it a ridiculous way of communicating?  Absolutely.  Do I desperately wish they’d just speak in sentences that end in a period, like the rest of us?  You bet.

Have you ever met one of these asked and answered folks?  They’re something else.

Their incessant self-directed queries render your presence meaningless.  Clearly, they have no trouble carrying on a conversation all by themselves.

“Did I make a mistake?  Probably.  Would I do it again?  No.  Do I have all the answers?  Of course not.  Do I think I’m moving in the right direction?  I really do.  Am I glad you’re here to talk this through with me?  Yes.”

Do I wish you’d stop asking yourself questions?  YES.


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Some thoughts are meant to stay in your head.  Like your actual opinion of your mother-in-law’s famous tuna casserole, your idea for a toe nail clippings sculpture of Wayne Newton and any and all questions about your own thoughts or behavior that could easily be converted into declarative statements.

So, how am I going to do it?   I don’t know.  How will I stop people from asking themselves questions?  Not sure.  Can anyone really stop once they’ve started communicating this way?  Apparently not.  Do I wish I’d never written this?  A little bit.  Am I thinking that I’ve become that which I mock?  All signs point to yes.  Is this joke starting to annoy me, even as I write it?  Asked and answered.

  1. Did I laugh when I read this blog? Of course!

    I hate these douchebags. I’m glad someone put it down in text. Hilarious 🙂

    And that photo is the closest I ever want to come to someone else’s toenails!

  2. angelina says:

    I had to go to self question asking rehab. Which coinceidentally is the only rehab that Lindsay Lohan has not been in. But it really helped at least i think it did. Do i think it helped? Darn i did it again. Oh geez. I do have a suggestion though. How about the over use of the word surreal to desribe an unbelievable event or at award acceptance speeches.

    • I love this Vs.

      I agree with Angelina too on her versus suggestion. I hate when actors use the word Surreal so much. I see it used all the time in interviews with them. That would be my suggestion as well.

  3. Elizabeth Dodd says:

    I asked myself, “Why can’t I think of a reply to your blog?” “Well,” I answered. ” I don’t know.” Will I try again later? YES!

  4. heathersnyder1 says:

    Very popular in business meetings, too. Like that helps. I’m taking business advice from a guy who is talking to himself, asking himself questions.

  5. Josha says:

    all you need to do is be really “quick” quick to the verbial draw. beat em to the question before they can ask themselves.

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